PBIS Team Members2016-2017
Shane WhitenerEmily MillerKelly PughStacy HokeRobin GillelandKelley BryanShoua Xiong

Positive Behavior Interventions Support System:

  • A proactive systems approach to school wide discipline designed to be responsive to current social and educational challenges.
  • Focuses on prevention
  • Focuses on instruction
  • Incorporates best practice in professional development and system change (teams)
  • Appropriate student [[#|behavior]] is taught
  • Positive behaviors are publicly acknowledged
  • Expectations are defined by building team with all staff input
  • Problem behaviors have clear consequences
  • Student [[#|behavior]] is monitored and staff receive regular feedback
  • Effective Behavior Support strategies are implemented at the school wide, specific setting, classroom, and individual student levels

Teacher Reminders:
Data needs to be turned in at the end of each 9 weeks to your grade level PBIS rep.
Important PBIS Documents: