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NNE Global Focus
Going Global Action Plan Year 2
Going Global Action Plan
Global Planning Meetings
International Festival
Global Learning Team Notes 16-17
Grade Level
7 Continents
1st Qtr.N. America (globes & maps)
2nd Qtr. Europe and Antarctica
3rd Qtr. Africa and Asia
4th Qtr. Australia and S.America
Kids will be getting a passport stamped
Graduation at the end for students to see that they are ready to explore the world!
Quarterly Map
First Grade
Links to zoo trip, themes in centers
Reading A to Z Books:
Quarterly Map
Second Grade
Holidays, weather, climate, animals, culture, Famous Australian timeline, comparison of countries, Penpals,
Quarterly Map

Reading A to Z books:
Are You From Australia
Cathy Freeman
How the Robin Stole Fire
Where's the Joey
Discover the Great Barrier Reef
Third Grade
North America
Holidays, weather, culture, Famous people from Europe, comparisons, Penpals
Quarterly Map
Fourth Grade
South America
Quarterly Map
Fifth Grade
Focus on Canada and Mexico as well as the US
Quarterly Map

Other Global Ideas:
Global Transformation Doc
Global Beautification Google Doc


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