North Newton Elementary Flipped Videos 2014-15

Prior to our school's opening, please view each of the presentations below. Note the overarching questions, notes, or resources provided by the facilitators. If you have questions about this page, please contact Mr. Whitener or Mrs. Hager.

Guiding Questions
Notes & Materials
Teacher Handbook
(critical areas of change)
Mr. Whitener

1. Why is supervision so important?

2. What must be done in the cafeteria each day?

3. If you are going to be absent, what should you do?

Updated House Bills
Dr. Stegall

  • What is your school's story?
  • What's our district's story?
  • How will the new legislative updates impact each school?

Mr. Whitener

1. Why is 3rd grade not assigned a Specials teacher on one of the "off days"?

2. What are the expectations for BARK?

3. What is special about the last Friday of the month (and no it is not jean day!!!)?

Mrs. Hager

  • What are the 4 C's of 21st Century Learning? Which "C" is the strongest in your classroom?
  • How often do we benchmark this year?
  • What are the three components that must be used during the uninterrupted 90 minute reading block?
  • What is required to be posted in your classroom?
North Newton's wiki

Data, Data, Data
Mr. Whitener

1. What areas did we do really well in last year?

2. What areas do we need to focus on this year?

3. How do we get to where we want to be as a school?

Operational Items
Mr. Whitener

1. Which absences should be recorded in AESOP and who should you contact if you have questions about the system?

2. What are the different levels that someone can request to volunteer and what are the screening requirements of each level?