Some of the names on here have changed slightly
since I made the videos on Friday. The schedules
are attached at the right and have the corrections made
on them.

1. What teachers are paired up for specials in 2nd and
3rd grades?

2. Why do K-2 teachers not have set schedules for Reading,
Math, and Science?

3. Who are our new staff members?

I ran out of allotted time to share with you everything
I wanted to in the handbook. So make sure you go through
it and especially focus on the highlighted areas I didn't get
to. You are still responsible for the entire handbook, so it
would be worthwhile for you to go in and read all of it.

1. What has to be reviewed at the beginning of the school
in order to ensure that student information is known by

2. How soon do you have to let the principal know when
planning to take Personal Leave?

3. What things have to be posted in your classrooms?

1. What is your initial reaction to the data?

1. What will we focus on in PLCs on the second week of the month?

2. How will students track their own data?

3. Where can I find the progress monitoring calendar for this year?

4. Where are the science kits coming from this year?

5. What should you bring with you each Thursday?
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