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PLC Notes 2014-15

4/30/15- K-2 Math Assessment Review & 3-5 DOK and EOG Superhero Camp Planning

K-2 Math Assessment
  • Window is May 4-29th
  • Review grade level directions for giving the test and student booklet
3-5 DOK (Depth of Knowledge)
EOG Superhero Camp
  • Opening Ceremony begins at 9:15 in the morning
    • Mr. Whitener and Mrs. Hager will begin the ceremony with a brief Transformer video and will come out in character
    • Avengers video will be played and then all the Avenger Superheros will come out
    • Baymax video will be played and then the Baymax characters will come out
    • Justice League video will be played and then the Justice League Superheros will come out
    • Incredibles video will be played and then the Incredibles will come out
    • Closing- Mr. Whitener and Mrs. Hager will explain how points will be earned during Superhero Camp

4/23/15- 3rd Quarter Data Analysis

District Analysis

Superhero Camp starts May 4-15

3/26/15- Written Comprehension & Academic Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary:

Written Comprehension Analysis Form:

3/19/15- Comprehension & the Comprehension Continuum


Comprehension Continuum:

3/12/15- Oral & Written Comprehension Preview, Survey, and Discussion
  • Complete Survey on Oral & Written Comprehension in order to differentiate upcoming PLCs for each grade level
  • Written Comprehension Needs Assessment Survey
  • Discuss survey questions and where we are as a grade level
  • What will be our next steps from now until the EOY benchmark testing?
  • Discuss upcoming PLC topics for the rest of the year

Important Dates and Reminders:
  • 3/13- Mr. Whitener, Ms. Rhyne, and I will be visiting East Elementary Questions for East Elementary
  • 3/13- No BARK Clubs tomorrow (possibly March 19th) & 5th grade goes to a play
  • 3/16- Present Global Focus to the NCCS School Board
  • 3/18- Battle of the Books Competition at South Newton 9:30
  • 3/19- Student Advisory
  • 3/20- 5th grade goes to play at NCMS & Little Read art and essay due
  • 3/26- Art Auction 6-8
  • 3/30- 4/3- 3rd Quarter Testing
  • 3/30- 5th Grade Science
  • 3/31- Reading
  • 4/1- Math
  • 4/2-4/3 Make-ups

3/5/15- Data Analysis, Progress Monitoring, Global Focus for Next year

Data Analysis
  • Review mClass data and continue writing SMART goals for those that have not finished
  • Continue analyzing CASE 21 results

Progress Monitoring
  • Review progress monitoring calendar and where we are at this point
  • How are you getting it all completed without touching guided reading time?
  • Complete progress monitoring kits with all the new books
Global Focus
  • Send home letter in K-5 about students having difficulty for RTA

  • Make sure 4th grade transition kids get a RTA progress report each month
  • Academic Difficulty letters need to go home next week

Important Dates:
  • Reader's Cafe (9:00-2:45) in the teacher's lounge
  • 3/9- Progress reports go home & 5th grade to Patterson Science Camp

  • 3/12- Standards Based Grading Meeting @ CO 3-5
  • 3/19- ESL Night
  • 3/30-4/3- 3rd Quarter Testing

2/12/15- Data Analysis

1/15/15- EVAAS Data


1/8/15- K-2 Make-it, Take-it and 3-5 PBL Review

K-2- Create Letterland Games

3-5 PBL Review
  • Formative Assessment to rate yourself so far on your PBL project
  • Watch PD360 video "Project-based Learning Overview" click here
  • Complete reflection questions
  • Go over PBL Progress Update click here

Important Dates:
  • 1/9- Lunch Lady Author visit 10:15-11:15 Music Room for 3rd & 4th grade
  • 1/14- Letterland Training @ North 3;30-5:00 (Fidelity Check on videos)
  • 1/12-1/16- Writing test
  • 1/19- MLK Day- No School
  • 1/21- Visit International School
  • 1/23- District Spelling Bee 9:30 @ NCMS
  • 1/26- TWD
  • 1/27- Required TWD
  • 1/28-1/30- 3-5 Quarterly Testing
  • 1/30- Writing Scores & K-2 Math Class Summary Sheets due

12-15-14 MSV

What is MSV?M= MeaningS= StructureV= Visual
What are the state and district expectations for MSV?
  • Must be completed on the instructional level Example: If the student is independent (D) and was furstrational on an (E) you will need to MSV the frustratioal level.
  • MSV must be completed on each student during each benchmark period (B,M,E). We suggest doing the MSV for your red students during progress monitoring
  • Next Benchmark window begins January 5-28!
  • For standard 6, the state will only be using the MOY to EOY growth in kindergarten.
  • Read the sentence through the substitution/error when coding MSV
  • Always ask yourself: What cueing system is the student using?

How do I code MSV?MSV.PNG

How will the MSV analysis change my instruction?
  • Look for 3 instructional recommendations for that student
  • Focus on these during your guided reading group

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  • 4 corners Activity- Teachers will provide inventions to the feedback from our NCCS Shadowing a Student Day
  • Fidelity Check on BARK
  • Accelerated Reader 360
  • Guided Math- view the Guided Math videos from PD360 (K-2 video and 3-5 video)
  • Complete reflection questions

11-20-14 Agenda Items: SIOP, Tiered Vocabulary

SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocal)

  • District Expectation: Each teacher must have a content objective posted and a language objective posted in math.
  • Complete Nearpod activity

Tiered Vocabulary

Other great resources!
Technical support articles

Important Dates:

11/21- BARK Awards, Clubs during BARK, MAD moving day, Classroom Spelling Bee names due Click here
11/24 & 11/25- Data Notebook Days during BARK
11/26-11/28- Thanksgiving Break
12/4- Media Center Night 3:30-5:00
12/16- Media Center Night 5:00-6:30
12/17- NNE School Spelling Bee in the media center at 9:00

11-13-14 Agenda Items: Data, SMART Goals, Guided Math, & Writing

  • Review grade level data and SMART Goal from last week
  • Review and discuss classroom data
  • Write classroom SMART goal
  • Have students write their own classroom goals for reading and math
Guided Math
  • Review the guided reading walkthrough form

  • Use it as a guide for a math walkthrough form
  • Create a guided math walkthrough form
  • We will be using Writing A to Z for our writing guide this year
  • Remember narrative writing should be going on from now until the end of 2nd quarter
Important Reminders:
  • Fall concert is tonight!
  • Club Day will be next Friday, November 21st & moving day for MAD
  • Book Fair is next week
  • Jill will be out next Tuesday for Master Literacy Training in Greensboro and will have a coach meeting all day on Wednesday
  • Spelling Bee names are due on the Google doc by the afternoon on November 21st for 3-5 grade
  • Monday, November 24 I will need to meet with all Spelling Bee winners

11-4-14 Agenda Items: Depth of Knowledge & Data

Depths of Knowledge
  • Case 21 Assessment Analysis
  • Discuss the DOK piece in the CASE 21 assessment
  • Give teachers DOK wheel
  • How will this be used in the classroom?
Review district data
District data
  • Review district SMART goals

Review grade level data
Important Reminders and Dates:

10-16-14 Agenda Items: ELA Pacing Guides

Create pacing guides for ELA- highlight each area by quarter

  • 1st Quarter- yellow
  • 2nd Quarter- orange
  • 3rd Quarter- green
  • 4th Quarter- blue
Review new progress monitoring boxes. You may begin using these tomorrow! :)

Important Dates:
  • Quarterly testing begins next week on Tuesay!
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th grade reading Tuesday
  • 3-5 Math Wednesday
  • 5th Science- Thursday

10-9-14 Agenda Items: Guided Math

Guided Math - What does it look like?

Guided Math with Dr. Nicki - What is Guided Math?


Guided Math with Dr. Nicki - Why Do Guided Math?


Guided Math Expectations:

  • anchor charts must be used
  • small group stations including review from concepts taught or current skill
  • vocabulary must be posted and used
  • math talk is crucial
  • math journals
  • review assessments each month

Important Dates:
Oct. 14- Nov. 1st- Informational Writing Prompt
Oct. 14- PAC Meeting
Oct. 15- SchoolNet training & Math test
Oct. 23- Student Advisory

10-2-14 Agenda Items: RtI with Brian Smith

9-18-14 Agenda Items: mClass Data Analysis, Math Diagnostic Analysis, and SMART Goals:

Review mClass data

  • Look specifically at the reading record to look for problem areas
  • Do reading record activity
  • Now analyze the reading records of your intensive students
  • Create grade level SMART goal
  • Create classroom SMART goal

Review Math Diagnostic Scores

NNE Math Diagnostic Scores
  • Review data to look for strengths and weaknesses
  • Use this to help guide your instruction for each domain
  • Create grade level SMART goal
  • Create classroom SMART goal

Important Dates:

  • Sept. 24-26 PBL Training @ North Newton
  • Sept. 26th- K-2 Half-day staff development
  • Sept. 29th- BARK begins
  • Sept. 26th- Guided Reading lesson plans due to Mrs. Hager by noon!

9-10-14 Agenda Items: 5 Learner Centered Questions, Essential Questions, Formative Assessments, and Math Diagnostic

PLC Notes: PLC Notes 2014-15

5 Learner Centered Questions:

  • What will you teach based on the SCOS?
  • How will you teach it?
  • How will you know if the students learned it?
  • What will you do if they already know it?
  • What will you do if they didn’t learn it?

Essential Questions Reminders:

  • Please remember to post the science essential questions that you are currently using along with the the "I can..." statement for the day.
  • "I can..." statements should be posted daily and linked to your lessons for the day.

Formative Assessments:

Formative Assessments

Math Diagnostic Scores:

  • Analyze scores
  • Discuss next steps

BARK Discussion:

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9-4-14 Agenda Items:

Diagnostic Writing
Writing Diagnostic Scores are due Sept.12th!!
Bring your writing to PLCs on Sept. 18th!

Math Diagnostic Scores
  • Please submit all diagnostic scores for all your students here.
  • Scores due September 19th!
Review Progress Reports


8-28-14 Agenda Items:
  • Set group norms
    • "When all is said and done, the norms of a group help determine whether it functions as a high performing team or becomes simply a loose collection of people working together." -Daniel Goleman
  • Review resources on wiki (pacing guides, science plans, website memberships, etc.)
  • Review and discuss Guided Reading and process for completion
  • Discuss grade level needs and concerns
    • Math Diagnostic Test?
    • Writing Diagnostic Test?
    • mClass Testing